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XUN Oil Marketing's (XOM) business model is that of a Buyer and a Seller of petroleum products. XOM sources petroleum products internationally and sells the products to established well regarded MAJORS. We do not sell our products to re-sellers unless the reseller wishes to collaborate in funding the purchase of the product.

XOM is dedicated to integrity and hard work, innovation and market leadership. XOM has the capacity to purchase petroleum products and deliver; demonstrate flexibility and transparency; and achieve and retain a quality customer base.

Through our website, Buyers of petroleum products can access detailed product information and specifications as well as initiate any and all inquiries. Qualified Buyers can complete the Buyer Questionnaire on this website.

Sellers with product title can inform us of the petroleum product particulars through this website. Qualified Sellers can complete the Sellers Questionnaire on this website.

Funding our purchases is a collaboration with accredited private individuals and funds that have provided POF (Financier). XOM ensures that the Financier is not exposed to credit risk associated with the purchase or sale the petroleum products and the Financier shares in the profits from the sales. Accredited private individuals or funds can complete the Financiers' Questionnaire on this website.

Inquiries are given immediate attention and appropriate clients for XOM can expect expert and cogent solutions to their needs, as well as assessment for accelerated transactions.

Our Products

    • Petroleum Products

    • XOM offers a full range of petroleum products including but not limited to the following:
    • Aviation Jet Fuel
    • Crude Oil (all standard types & grades)
    • Diesel (all standard grades)
    • Fuel Oil
    • Gasoline(all octanes)
    • LNG
    • LPG
    • Marine Diesel(MDO)
    • Mazut
    • Other Petroleum Products

    • Other Industries

    • In addition to the full range of petroleum products, we also market products including but not limited to the following industries:
    • Agriculture
    • Automotive
    • Construction
    • Infrastructure
    • Energy
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